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Garden Investigation 2

This was the presentation of our second garden investigation. Check it out!

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Garden Investigations

We have been doing investigations in the garden, check out our findings.

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On Demand

Hey everyone!!!!

Click here to do On Demand Testing!!!!

Fun times.


Teegan the Garlic Whisperer!

Today we had to harvest some garlic, it’s growing really well. Take a look at how much Teegan had!


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The chickens are laying

The chickens have been busy, they laid 4 eggs today and 2 were laid in front of us!



Our buddies came for a visit!

Today at paddock to plate, our buddy grade came and had a look at our mosaics in the garden. They were very impressed and we gave them a lesson on how we mosaic.



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We are making Japanese food today!!!

We have made vegetarian sushi, miso soup and lemon-balm and mint herbal tea (iced). Yummy!!!


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Cleaning our garden

We had to clean the garden after the holidays this is what we had to do

. We had to clean out the chicken coup and had to feed the chickens.

. We had to water the garden it was dry

. We had to sweep the floor.





Look at our newest mosaics.

Take a look at the pictures below of our new mosaics. We made these by drawing a picture of the mosaic on the board where we wanted it to go. We smashed some tiles and stuck them on the board where we wanted them to go. Make sure you don’t cut yourself on the tiles and don’t leave a huge gap in between each tile.



Tell us what you think in the comments below and do you have an idea for any new mosaics.

From MDB!


Look at our fresh school garden.

Hey everyone, take a look at our Bourchier Street garden. We have not been in the garden for 4 weeks. We surprised to see how green and fresh it looks. We have lots of fresh and succulent produce. Take a look at the photos below.



If you want to grow your own fruit and veggies, ask us we are more than willing to help.

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